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I started using Beach Locksmith about 8 years ago. Jimmy is amazing. He knows his stuff...has saved me a lot of money over the years. I have had him cut and program keys, fobs, and building keys. Very friendly and reliable.

Palm Bay Motors

Yesterday I broke my one and only car key. I panicked and called another company to come to my vehicle and save me, but they wanted almost $200!!! (Yikes, especially with Christmas in a few days) So I had my mom come pick me up and we headed over here to cocoa beach after reading about this company here on Google. They were FANTASTIC! The owner wasn't there, it was just the two brothers, but I couldn't be happier with their service! They were friendly, fast, and affordable! What else do you need? It only cost me $20 (since they could take the chip out of my broken key) opposed to $200 from someone else!!! And they will make me another key for only $60 (since they have to chip it to my car) so even together that's only an $80 cost for two keys as opposed to $200 cost for one key from a different company in Brevard. In case you're wondering, their key cut was perfect when I returned to my vehicle! They helped in such a stressful situation and I couldn't be happier. They even took the time to show me the chip in the key so I understood what was going on. I will definitely be coming back to these guys to get another key and in the future if I ever need anything! Highly recommended by me because I am extremely satisfied. Keep up the great work guys!

Adreona Perkowski

Fast and friendly and now owned by a longtime employee, I stopped in to get a new key programmed because my old one had a broken key ring. He programmed a new key *and* replaced my old one by grafting the chip into a new key. Now I have two good keys and a broken one to open the door! Excellent service and quick and painless. (might want to call before stopping into the shop, they run all over Brevard so might be stuck on jobs)

Florence Camick

Somebody stole my key out of my motorcycle, so I spoke with Jim. I removed the ignition from my bike and brought it up there and Jim had me 2 keys cut in 10 minutes. Highly recommend this locksmith; fast, professional service at a price that can't be beat with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Justin Gell

I contacted them and spoke with the answering service, and within the hour Brian contacted me back. Although he was not able to make the necessary repair, he put me in the direction of someone who would be able to help me. I greatly appreciate the time that he took with me on the phone to assess the problem and the advice on someone else to call. Thank you very much!

Florida Gurl

This company was prompt, friendly and relentless. It was a tough job, boat key. He did not give up until the job was done. Very professional. Will definitely refer them and use them again if needed. Thanks Beach Locksmith!

Patty Lebron

I've been using Beach Locksmiith for the past 6 years and they have never let me down. I can count on them when I need them, the work is excellent and I appreciate their customer service.

Clay Gillam

They guys went above and beyond to help us!

Gracelyn Taylor

These guys are the best, they handle anything that my locksmith company can’t. From Palm Bay to Titusville, they are always there for me when I call

J d

These guys are always so pleasant and helpful. They also are the only place I can get my apartment key copied.

Abbie Kinney