Overall Rating 4.99 20 Verified Ratings

I wanted to let you know about the most positive experience I had with Beach Locksmith changing our locks and the garage door keypad. They were very reasonably priced, on time, professional and just pleasant to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone who needed assistance with that type of work.

Sheila Westerveld

Matthew was my go to guy. Did a wonderful wonderful job for me. Great job over at beach locksmith. I will be using them again. Super satisfied with everything they did. Would put more starts if possible.

Dante Nistico

After my husband decided that his very expensive key fob could use a nice salt water swim in Cocoa Beach in the pocket of his swim trunks we discovered it did not in fact enjoy the swim. Locked out with no way in or to start the car even if we could get in (got to love new technology right?). Insurance was taking forever to find a locksmith. I called Beach Locksmith and got Matt. Discussed pricing and time frame. This of course was going to be out of pocket and not with roadside assistance provided by our amazingly slow insurance. My husband, however, was not having it. He was willing to die at Cocoa Beach and wait on insurance since our monthly premiums cost us an arm, leg, 3 toes and our first born child! I called insurance back and pulled a Karen letting them know that it’s ridiculous that they can’t find any one to assist us since I could do it in less the 5 minutes with a literal “Hey Siri find Locksmiths near me” Luckily this insurance agent was like “thanks for doing my job for me… give me his # and I’ll call and see if we can pay him to come take care of this”. Got a call from Matt shortly after letting me know insurance took care of it and he would be there in 23 minutes. 21 minutes later (love the speedy driving Matt thanks) Matt arrives and 15 minutes later saves the day! Matt is my locksmith hero!

Jennifer Roberts

Driving down from north florida to the keys and forgot the key to my boat. I called and they gave me a realistic expectation and when I showed up, they got me 2 keys in less than 20 minutes and a great price!

Eric Mejias

Came out late and was able to get our van unlocked! Thank you so much!

Wesley Schroeder

Was fast and very friendly. Totally would use him again.

Thom Ledger

I accidently locked myself out of my car with the engine running while putting groceries in at BJs in MI. The push to start system was new to me and I had the key fob in my hand unaware it would lock after a certain amount of time. The fob would not unlock the doors and I had to call for help. I called pop a lock and was going to pay 50 something dollars to fix something so silly. I called this company while I was waiting and the nice gentleman on the phone enlightened me that there is an emergency lock out key in the fob. 🤦‍♀️ I couldn't believe it. 😄 I was so grateful and I promised I would express my gratitude through a decent human being customer service review. Thank you for your help Beach Locksmith. I would recommend these guys before anyone else in the area.

Jacqueline Hovanec

Only company in brevard county that found us a key fob for our jeep renegade and helped us out same day no problems! He even went above and beyond to make sure the key worked properly for all normal functions (it was a little tricky!!) He gave us two options of keys, helping us save a buck.. best prices around!! Thanks mike you’re the best!!

Daniel Colina

I needed parts to repair the doors to my home. After a little digging, they had what I needed on their shelves. Something those big stores can't do. It's always great to support local business.

John Kayda

Josh Donna is the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. We’ve had him RE-key a few of our investments and rentals properties and is always punctual, quick, and efficient.

Salvatore Burke